Live Sale Rules and Info

Claiming On The Live Sale

  1. Once we show and state the price of the crystal, you have the option of claiming that piece.
  2. To claim a crystal you must use a claim word such as, sold, mine, dibs, or any other appropriate word to indicate that you are choosing and claim to purchase that crystal for yourself.
  3. The first person to use their claim word with the correct price wins the crystal shown.
  4. The crystal that is shown is what is sold unless we state that the crystal is randomly chosen or intuitively picked.
  5. When you claim a crystal it is final. There are no put backs or exchanges. We take your claim very seriously, and you should too. 
  6. You may only claim crystals for yourself in the live sale unless you are sharing the same Instagram/TikTok username.

Claiming Trouble & Connection Issues

  1. Due to all of us having different connections to the live stream, comments will generally appear differently in the chat. We only go off of what is first on our screen. You may appear before someone else, but on our screen it may be different.
  2. Closing and re-opening the app can help connection issues. 
  3. Making sure Instagram/TikTok is the only app opened on your phone can help connection issues.
  4. Being close to your router and switching from 2.4G and 5G can help connection issues.
  5. Using phone data can help connection issues.
  6. Using the word "unblock" when not getting through is a common misconception. Instagram's as well as TikTok's chat algorithm is not built to recognize the term "unblock" and unblock you. You actually have a higher chance to be blocked in the chat by spamming "unblock".
  7. Changing your claim word and using emojis can help your claim get through.

When & How to Pay

All of our custom orders from the weeks live sale go up on Sunday morning. 

Once you're on the website you click the search bar and type in your Instagram/TikTok username, which is the name next to the @ symbol. From there you can check out and pay for your order. Keep in mind that the listing for that week will be deleted the following Friday. So we ask you to please look at your list and confirm it. If there are any problems with your invoice please contact us and do not pay until they are fixed.

If everything looks good on your list please pay your invoice within 24 hours. Tuesday morning starting at 8:30 AM, orders start to get pulled to be packaged. If you want your items to be shipped quickly then pay for your invoice as soon as possible. 

If you are late paying for your invoice then you will run the risk of your order being canceled. If you are having personal problems paying for your invoice please reach out to us and we can work something out with you. If you ghost us you can expect to be blocked on all pages. You will have until Thursday to pay for your order. If you do not make payment, your order will be canceled and you will be blocked from participating in the live sale. Your crystals that you had claimed will be sold as abandoned carts on Friday. 

Yes our rules for payment are strict, but if you can't take us seriously then we won't take you seriously. 15% - 20% of orders per week go unpaid. An extraordinary week can be just 10%. We have never in our entire time doing live sales had 0%. Everyone at the warehouse works hard to complete a week of orders and the live sale teams lose out when an order doesn't get paid. The customers who wanted to claim those pieces lose out. I don't think we will ever get to 0%, but if you care about Forgotten Rarities and the people who run the show, you will pay for the things that you claimed. Please claim responsibly.

New Customers Attention:
If you are a new customer to Forgotten Rarities and you claim a lot of items quickly, we will ask you to pay a percentage of the items claimed before the invoice due date. We will stop you from claiming until the percentage is paid. We do this to not allow trolls to waste our time with a fake order. Once the percentage is paid for we will allow you to continue to claim in the live sale.

Giveaway Rules

  • After every hour we do one free giveaway.
  • You are allowed to win one giveaway per week per live sale.
  • You must have an open cart by the end of the week to receive your giveaway.
  • Keep in mind we do hundreds of free giveaways per week throughout both live sales. There is a good chance you can win something!

Holding Orders

We unfortunately do not hold live sale orders. However, since we are live 5 days per week customers will have an open order for those 5 days. The order will be ready for purchase on Sunday. The following Tuesday will start with fresh carts.

Order Lists, Photos Of Your Cart & Listing Typos

Weekly live sales force us to have to delete old live sale listings each week. If we didn't delete the old live sale listings we would have thousands of old live sale listings lagging our website. Even though we have all of our live sale claims logged in our records, it will help a lot if you can screen shot your list. Old live sale listings get deleted as the new ones go up. So on Sunday you can expect old listings to be deleted.

Sending photos of carts after the live sale is something that we normally do not do. We ask for our customers to remember and screenshot their claims throughout the week. If there is an error on your list due to a typo or a simple mistake, please do not pay for your order and wait for us to respond. We will investigate what went wrong and fix it as soon as we can.