Our Packaging Set up

We have an incredible logistics department. We built our own custom packaging stations that makes the job much easier and faster to complete. Our packing stations have a bubble wrap roll feeder that is under the packing table. This makes it easier, faster, and safer to replace the 750' bubble wrap rolls. Our 4 x 4 foot packing tables come with a mini shelving unit for box storage. We also have an 8 x 3 foot packing table that is used for counting/weighing crystals and placing wrapped crystals into boxes. At the end of the 8 x 3 foot table we have a spinning surface that is used for quickly taping boxes or wrapping bigger/awkward crystals. Each packing station has its own camera so we can monitor the quality of our packaging. If a customer does have a problem, we are able to go back to the time that the order was packaged to see what went wrong and never let it happen again. Most of the time we package perfectly, but sometimes crystals can still arrive damaged due to mishandling by the carrier. It helps the insurance claim to be able to prove that the crystals were packages properly. 

Our Packaging Standard

Our packing standard is a simple philosophy. We go through around 12,000 feet of bubble wrap per week. Our bubble wrap is always fresh to be sure that we do not use any deflated bubble wrap. If any rolls come in deflated, our bubble wrap supplier replaces them without question. We use 3/16 inch bubble size for our rolls which is the perfect size for wrapping crystals. Bubble wrap may be deflated once your order arrives, but that means that the bubble wrap served its purpose. We recycle the packing material that we receive from our orders by using it in yours. The paper we receive is what we call stuffing. When it comes to wrapping and packing the crystals into the shipping boxes, there are two important rules. Number one: the crystal must always be wrapped to the point where you can't feel any edges, and you shouldn't be able to see much color. Number two: the box must have absolutely zero movement inside. Any kind of movements allows the crystals inside to bounce off of each other causing potential unnecessary damages. We use our stuffing to stuff the boxes at the bottom of the box and the top of the box. The stuffing gets compacted in the box and will not allow the crystals to move inside the box while in transit. Our packaging will always be able to handle light/medium handling, conveyor belt logistics, responsible box stacks, and bumps in the road. When it comes to mishandling, box dropping/throwing, irresponsible stacking, we can only package to our fullest potential and come to a solution with the insurance claim.

Processing Orders

We process paid orders with a queue system by time and date of the order being paid. When an order gets paid it is ready to go to the logistics department to be packed and shipped out. The time of an order being paid will determine its packing time. Since we use a queue system, orders that are paid immediately will be packaged immediately. The order that is paid on Saturday at 9:34 am will be packaged before the order that is paid on Saturday at 9:35 am. You can expect your order to be shipped out within 1 - 2 business days. Transit time will depend on the carrier. In addition, depending on order volume and packager attendance, there may be delays in packaging. For our carriers we ship with UPS and USPS depending on the size of the order and the final destination. We receive daily pick ups for the orders Monday - Friday unless there is a holiday. 

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on orders $75+ for our retail pages. Our retail pages are @Forgottenrarities on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Each page has its own live sale, and each live sale has its own minimum requirement of $75 for free shipping. Since we do not combine orders for shipping, both orders from both live sales must be $75+ to receive free shipping. We are live for 5 days per week to give everyone enough time to reach the $75 minimum for free shipping. In addition, if you spend $250+ your order will be put on the VIP rack and will skip the normal queue and be put in the VIP queue. The VIP queue is the top priority and will be packaged and sent out with haste!

Larger Crystals Cathedrals/Portals

We created an effective way to successfully package amethyst cathedrals, portals, quartz clusters and other large crystals by building custom frames that fit inside the box. The frame is made out of 1x2 inch furring strips and nails. The frame is weak by itself but when put into a box with stuffing, it increases the strength of the box by 10 times. The frame base takes all of the pressure of whatever is on top of the box. The stuffing keeps the legs on each side pushed out so the box cannot be crushed on any side. The design of the wooden frame also weighs less than a full plywood sheet crate, which makes it easier for the carrier to handle the shipment which increases the chance for the box to be handled properly.

Shipping Insurance

We offer shipping Insurance on our website and it protects you from damaged, lost and even stolen packages. The Insurance comes preloaded in your cart and if you checkout with the Insurance in your cart you will be fully protected! The insurance is non-refundable and all claims must be for the cost of the crystal and not the entire order value. 

If you receive something damaged please contact us so we can create the claim for you. Please allow us 5 business days to process your claim.

International Shipments

All international customers are responsible for all import duties/taxes/charges. If duties/taxes/charges are not paid and the shipment gets returned. You will not receive a refund for shipping and will pay for the return shipping cost. Due to Covid-19 there may be delays for transit time for certain countries. We do get a 70% discount from UPS for international shipments but the price has been rising lately (Dec 2021) and have no control over that.

Help! Missing/Damaged Crystals.

When you have something come in damaged and/or missing, the best thing you can do to be helped as fast as possible is to send your order number and packer card to our Instagram or customersupport@forgottenrarities.com. The packer card has the details of when your order was packaged. This will help us to find your missing crystal or to see why your crystal was damaged by viewing our packing cameras. If you are missing a crystal we can try and find it and if we can't find it we will refund it. If there are damages we will view the packer cameras to see who is at fault and go from there.