These policies stated below are only Live Sale Rules and information.

Our live sales are a fun and exciting way to purchase a wide variety of incredible costing crystals! We have 5 tables which are the Amethyst table, Polished table, Raw table, and two bulk / $25 and under tables. The live sale is not only a incredible feature to purchase crystals, it's a great way to connect and hangout! If you're new to the Live Sales, it can be a little hectic at times because of how fast paced it is. These rules have been em-placed so everything can run smoothly. We hope next time we go live you can join us! 

The best way to find out when our next live sale will be is to follow our instagram page here. 


1) Once we have held up an item and have stated the price you have the option of claiming that piece. 
How to comment sold on an item: comment "sold", "mine", "dibs" or, my all time favorite "Gimme Gimme" (anything to indicate that you're claiming that item)
With the price of the piece / letter if there is one. 

2) The first one to comment "sold" with price correctly wins that specific item.

Due to all of us having different internet connections, your comment will always show up first on your screen. We go off of what shows up on our screen first. Afterwards i will say who won that specific piece and list who did not. So you know that your comment did indeed go through. 

3) When you comment "sold" you're agreeing to pay for that item.

Backing out of a live sale order or ignoring us will have your order terminated and blocked from our Instagram live sales. Put backs/trades are not allowed during or after the live sale. This interrupts the flow of the live sale and is not fair for other customers who wanted the piece you want to put back. It also slows our packaging process, once the live sale is done we are very busy with packing every order. If you don't want to pay for it, then don't comment sold on it. Writing down what you have purchased through out the event makes it easy to budget.


4) After our live sales we start our invoicing process the next day via our website.

How this works is that you will have a custom live sale listing up and all you have to do is click the search bar, enter your Instagram tag name and add to your cart. You may add any other item if you wish from our website as well.

5) You're expected to purchase your listing within 24 hours or less.

If you do not purchase within 24 hours, you will be sent a reminder that your payment is late and that your order is at risked of being canceled. After the reminder has been sent and we still do not receive a reply / payment it will likely lead to a ban from our live sales. 
*The 24 hour or less rule is to make sure we get all of our customers orders out in a timely manner.

6) If you have any problems / questions about your order please dm us on instagram @ForgottenRarities or Email us at