Where is my live sale listing? / How do I pay for my live sale listing?

Our live sale events can last up to three days. You will not receive a listing until our live sale event is over. Once it has ended, we will create everyone's listing on our website. We do not invoice on paypal. You will search your name (letter for letter) on our search bar and your live sale listing will pop up. [Sometimes instagram names are misspelled and if you cannot find your listing we will link it directly to you.]

How do I find my tracking number?

Once your label is printed, you will receive an email with your tracking number. The email is automated and you will always receive the tracking to the email you listed for your order. If you paid with paypal it will not be on your paypal. Check your spam folder for the tracking number as well.

How much is shipping?

We are based in the US. We ship domestically with USPS flat rate boxes. The prices of those are:
Regional Rate: $7.10 - $11.20
Medium Flat Rate: $12.85
Large Flat Rate: $17.60

We do not tax any amount of the shipping label. What you pay is what we pay.

If we do not ship with a flat rate the shipping cost is based upon weight and distance. First class shipping can start at $4.00 depending where you live. We also support UPS shipping for the heavier boxes. 

First class shipping is 3 - 5 business days.

Priority mail is 1 - 3 business days.

For international shipping it will depend on the weight of the box and the distance. We will not know the exact amount and have to quote the shipping price.

We do offer international flat rate boxes. The maximum weight for these boxes is 20 lbs.

Canada Flat Rate Prices
Medium Flat Rate Box: $46.00
Large Flat Rate Box: $60
Rest of World Flat Rate Prices
Medium Flat Rate Box: $81
Large Flat Rate Box - $99


Can I see a picture of my live sale cart?

This is a question we get a lot after our live sales. We try our best to give photos of the carts but most of the time we are buried up to our eyes in DMs. Chances are we will not be able to get you a photo of your cart.


Can I remove something from my cart?

You may never remove something from your cart. Once you comment sold on something that means that crystal is bound to you. It is very rude to comment sold on something and back out afterwards. We do not tolerate put backs. Your order will be canceled if you do not pay for everything you claimed.